Today I received the following E-Mail via WInlink

On Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 09:06, f4fqn@winlink.org  wrote:

Hello Frank. This morning I just did some tests with VARA.
I was able to connect with 1 watt on 40 m from Perpignan
Congratulations, it works really well.
Have a nice day Frank 73
Etienne F4FQN

Distance Perpignan to my station is approx. 857 km / 532 mi
With just 1 Watt. Beautiful. Etienne is working from a suburb of Perpignan with a small magnetic loop antenna.
This will certainly not work every day, but now and than sending email with just 1 Watt over 857 km is enough 🙂 .

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